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The Quantum company is a leader in innovation in the Forex market, offering customized solutions, high performance, and trust in its products. Its goal is to provide investment solutions focused on customer satisfaction, supported by a qualified team and cutting-edge technology, ensuring transparency and ethics in all the tools offered. Furthermore, for greater client security, in all our tools, the capital remains in the possession of the client; we do not touch the client’s capital.

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Quantum System

The Quantum Universe has been carefully designed to prepare our clients for the financial market. Combining exceptional education, real-time supervision by a highly qualified team, along with advanced automation tools designed to optimize operations and generate continuous profits in the market. It is time for you to become a true professional in the financial market.


Everything you need in one place

trading academy

Access the most comprehensive Forex academy in the market, providing an educational journey from basic to advanced, taught by highly skilled professionals to enhance your skills in chart interpretation and indicators. Additionally, as our student, you will have access to exclusive strategies to compose your operational setup.

Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced trader, our Forex academy is the ultimate springboard to master the financial markets and boost your professional success.


live trading

Imagine having real-time access to the knowledge of a professional trader with a proven track record of results. Now, envision the possibility of learning, clarifying your doubts, and even trading in real-time alongside this professional.

With our revolutionary product, Cratos, you enter the live trading room and make all of this a reality, allowing you to participate in the same market opportunities as our expert, in real-time.


signal app

With Prometeus, lack of time is no longer an obstacle.

If you don’t have time to perform chart analysis and constantly monitor the market, Prometeus is your solution. We connect you with our experts who monitor the market, identify opportunities, and send signals directly to you, including entry points, take profit, and stop-loss levels.

All you need to do is copy and paste to profit quickly and easily with us.

The auditability of all signals reinforces the security and confidence of our clients, explaining the success of this innovative product.


aggressive automation

Automate your financial operations with our artificial intelligence in just a few clicks. Implement efficient strategies, reduce manual interventions, and leverage real-time analysis to achieve profitable results efficiently.

Designed to meet the needs of the most aggressive investors, Killer AI is the key to achieving remarkable levels of profitability in your investments. Through rigorous analysis and calculated strategies, our solution provides an approach that embraces risk in a calculated manner, allowing you to achieve significant gains.


conservative automation

Dynamic, the ideal solution for conservative investors who value capital preservation and long-term growth. With a well-calibrated strategy and refined risk management, AI Dynamic offers maximum security with minimal exposure to risks and consistent growth potential. If you’re seeking protection and reliability in your investments, Dynamic is the right choice for your journey.


advantages of automation

The Financial Future Now: How AI Is Transforming Operations

advantages of automation

AI operates impersonally and objectively, as it is not influenced by emotions such as fear or hesitation. Its actions are guided solely by data and accurate analysis.

your money in action

Once you have set up your account with the technology, you can enjoy your free time with the assurance that it is working for you, delivering the best results in a 100% automatic way.

easy access

Our technology is simple, secure, and accessible on all devices, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Connect and track the results whenever you want.

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Rafael Oliveira

“Our technology is simple, secure, and accessible on all devices, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Connect and track the results whenever you want.”

Jonas Neto

“My portfolio is growing consistently, and I’m finally having the time to enjoy precious moments with my children.”

Laura Goulart

“The Maestro Academy has given me a deeper insight into the financial market. I am impressed with the knowledge I have gained and how it has strengthened my confidence to trade. I highly recommend it!”

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